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Advanced Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with 2 Cuffs and AC Adapter
Product Code: BP3AC1-APC

Microlife blood pressure monitors deliver the highest standards of accuracy from BHS and DABL, the world''s leading authorities for accurate blood pressure measurement. This Premium Advanced digital upper arm automatic blood pressure monitor features patented Irregular Heartbeat Detection (IHD), Microlife Averaging Technology, and is compatible with Microsoft HealthVault. IHD Detects the appearance of an irregular heartbeat during measurement and gives a warning signal with your reading. An irregular heartbeat may indicate or cause cardiovascular disease. Leading cardiologists recommend taking three consecutive blood pressure measurements and averaging them for a more accurate result. This blood pressure monitor features Microlife Averaging Technology which enables a single or average mode measurement- just like the doctor does it! Works with Microsoft HealthVault, which lets you collect, store, and share health information online.

With HealthVault, you control your own health records, so you can share your health information with family, friends, and healthcare professionals, and have access to trustworthy online health management tools. Connect your HealthVault compatible home health monitoring devices from partners, such as sport watches, blood glucose monitors, peak flow meters and blood pressure monitors, to HealthVault Connection Center, and let our software copy your device data to your HealthVault record.

  • Irregular heartbeat detection
  • Automatic storage of 99 readings with time and date
  • Averaging Mode Technology (MAM) takes three measurements and averages the results for superior accuracy
  • Jumbo display for easy viewing
  • Medical grade accuracy
  • Compatible with Microsoft HealthVault™

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» American Heart Association
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» The American College of Physicians (ACP)
» The Mended Hearts Association

For information about Irregular Heartbeat visit:

» The American Academy of Family Physicians

For BHS validation and rating information visit:

» The British Hypertension Society

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